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When it comes to DIY greenhouses and using material to cover your frame polycarbonate is probably the most sought after material in use today. There are many reasons for the huge popularity of polycarbonate greenhouses and most of those have to do with its durability and versatility.

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Advantages Of Using Polycarbonate For Your Do It Yourself Greenhouse Project

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The Benefits of Polycarbonate Greenhouses

By Spencer Wilkins

When it comes to greenhouses most people tend to think of the ones that are made from aluminium and glass. However, in recent years we have been seeing a steady increase in the number of people who are now purchasing polycarbonate greenhouses rather than the traditional style ones. Certainly as you will soon learn below there are a number of advantages to getting such a greenhouse.

Advantage 1 – These types of greenhouses are able to keep the temperature inside more even because of the insulating effect they have. This in turn means that the environment inside them is more conducive to helping your plants grow better. Also you will find that unlike traditional greenhouses because the sunlight that shines through is broken up more the need for shading is reduced.

Advantage 2 – Whereas glass can break quite easily the polycarbonate used in such greenhouses is virtually unbreakable. In fact in tests carried out it has withstand being hit by hail stones, baseballs and rocks.

Advantage 3 – As well as polycarbonate weighing less than glass it is also ribbed and is able to diffuse the light that shines through it better. Plus it will have a special UV coating that actually protects the plants growing inside and which is what helps to further ensure that the temperature inside the greenhouse is controlled and remains at more even levels.

Advantage 4 – Because these types of greenhouses are better insulated you will soon discover that the period in which you are able to grow plants is greatly increased. The reason for this is that heat is retained better within the greenhouse throughout the year.

Advantage 5 – Just as with traditional greenhouses you will find that these come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. But unlike the traditional aluminium and glass greenhouses assembling such ones is a lot easier. You just need to make sure the base on to which it is to be constructed is even and you can normally erect one of these in a few hours either on your own or with the help of a friend.

Advantage 6 – Because they are far better insulated the cost of actually heating such a greenhouse proves to be far less expensive throughout the winter months. Also the chances of condensation forming inside is greatly reduced even if the temperature outside goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Above we have shown you just a number of the advantages to be gained from getting polycarbonate greenhouses rather than the traditional glass variety. As well as being much safer less chance of the material breaking, they are also far less costly to purchase and then to maintain.

As you can see there are a range of advantages to buying polycarbonate greenhouses as opposed to normal greenhouses. You could also consider buying a garden shed at the same time if you are an enthusiast gardener.

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