Do It Yourself Greenhouse Basics | Framing Materials For Building A Greenhouse

When is comes to gardening projects a do it yourself greenhouse gets in the mix quite frequently. Knowing some of the basics for building your own greenhouse is essential for having the proper structure for growing your plants, flowers, and more.

If you would like all the information and plenty of blueprints for building a greenhouse of your own go HERE

There are many items and steps that you should take to prepare for constructing your growing center but one of the most important decisions to make is what material to use for your greenhouse frame.
Greenhouse frames that are the most popular are the traditional woods along with aluminum and pvc pipe framing.

Do It Yourself Greenhouse Framing Materials

  • Wood DIY Greenhouse Frames – Yes wood framed greenhouses are the most traditionally built do it yourself growing centers for flowers, plants, shrubs, vegetables, and some trees. This is because of the natural appeal of wooden materials. If you build with wood choose your material wisely.

Best Wood For Building A Greenhouse:

  1. Black Locust – This material is the most resistant towards rotting and other wear and tear during the lifespan of your green house. Black locust can last for longer than 15 years.
  2. Red Cedar – Cedar is probably the most widely used of all the wood framed green houses because of its very sharp, yet rustic look. Cedar is also very resistant and can last between 7-15 years for your growing center.
  3. Redwood – Redwood is basically the same as Red Cedar in that it is very resistant to wear and tear and it can last anywhere from 7-15 years.
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  • Aluminum DIY Greenhouses – Aluminum pretty much explains itself. Aluminum green houses that you build yourself can be built a little quicker than the wood framed structures and at the same time aluminum is easier to maintain than most materials. Aluminum is very light weight though and can make for not as strong of a frame if you are deciding you want to construct a larger do it yourself greenhouse.
  • PVC DIY Greenhouses – Low cost, low maintenance, very easy to build. Only trouble is if you are a real garden enthusiast a PVC greenhouse can look kind of tacky, not trying to make anyone mad though because PVC structures can be built in a very little amount of time and with only a few other materials. On top of the low cost and low maintenance these bad boys are also extremely effective for having your own gardening center.

None of these three options is the absolute best because everyone’s situation is different and the types of gardening vary from person to person.

Hopefully this information can assist you in deciding which type of diy greenhouse frame is best for you!

Next we will be talking about what you can use to effectively cover a do it yourself greenhouse so stay tuned to

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