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When you are considering building a do it yourself greenhouse for your home or business gardening purposes, flowers, or other planting purposes it is critical you have specific blueprints and greenhouse plans to help you out. Without the proper know-how and a guide to help you piece together and build your structure you may not get the effective greenhouse you hoped for.

Plants in general, whether it is vegetables, flowers, or trees need the proper growing environment to get the best results and to ensure that they grow up healthy. If you are going to build a greenhouse and do it yourself it can definitely be a fun project and very rewarding. The process from start to finish will really not take that long if you have a simple or easy-to-follow greenhouse blueprint and it won’t cost much either!
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Having a construction contractor or another person build the green house for you may cost you hundreds and up to thousands of dollars so investing into a do it yourself greenhouse plan (typically only $20-30 bucks at the most) will more than pay for itself.

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There are some simple steps to take when building your own greenhouse for your home gardening and planting needs.

Simple Steps For A Do It Yourself Greenhouse Project:

1. Location of your Greenhouse – Before you start planning on the size of your greenhouse or even consider building one you need to plan out the perfect spot in your yard to place it! The number one item to consider is lighting and getting the maximum amount of sunlight exposure to your greenhouse as possible. Sun is especially important if you will be having a solar panel on your roof. As a gardener yourself you already know that shaded areas will not produce the best results for plants and flowers, so take the time to get a prime greenhouse location.

Having the early morning sun rays shine on your plant life is highly recommended if you have the right area.  If nothing else at least have your gardening house somewhere with 6 hours of sunlight exposure each day.

If your yard has a lot of trees and shaded areas you could possibly trim some branches to give you some more room. Best idea to go with when stuck with a lot of overhanging trees is to build your greenhouse somewhere with the most early sunlight as possible. If you are living in a region with colder temperatures the layout and direction of your greenhouse should be running from east to west because you’ll get more of the sun’s heat that way!

Choosing a location for your do it yourself greenhouse also involves planning ahead for such needs like utilities. Not only do you need a spot with sunlight you’ll also be needing access to a water source, electricity, and also heat.
Because you will be watering your plants, flowers, vegetables and other plant life on a daily basis make sure your greenhouse has a good drainage system or is located at a higher spot so that water can run off naturally.
2. Size of your own Greenhouse – There are just a couple of factors to consider and plan for when considering how large to build your own greenhouse. Once have an idea of how big you want to build it you will be able to find a do it yourself greenhouse plan to help guide you from start to finish. Don’t try to build it without a blueprint!
Well now that you know your location you know how big your greenhouse can be right? What I mean is if you were going to build the biggest one possible in your yard you would know your limits. With this said here are the other factors (don’t think you need the biggest greenhouse to be effective either!)
Ask yourself what types and how many plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other plant life you’ll be growing inside your greenhouse. Now, what about in the next few years? Should you build a DIY greenhouse just the right size for now or give yourself a little room to expand your planting and gardening needs?
Remember that the larger you build your own greenhouse the more you will need to spend for maintaining it as well. The biggest cost for most greenhouses is that of heating during the colder months. To determine the amount of heating costs you can factor in your climates and also what kind of plants you’ll be growing!

3. Foundation (important basic for a greenhouse plan) - Just as it is with most construction projects you want to take your time and build a good resting spot for your structure! In this case you will want to clear and make a very flat surface in order to place your greenhouse.

Making your foundation out of wood or a concrete slab is not a bad idea but it definitely is not necessary, besides aren’t we trying to conserve and be more environmentally friendly here? So if you feel the need go ahead with the wood or concrete but for the more “extreme” green lovers out there lets consider having the ability to plant around our greenhouses as well!

4. Materials for a DIY Greenhouse Plan – Do it yourself greenhouses and greenhouse building plans can use or call for several types of materials to framing purposes. The most commonly used materials for greenhouse frames are wood, aluminum, and even PVC piping.

Aluminum is more convenient then the other two options because it is pretty much maintenance free. PVC is also very easy to maintain but it may not seem as practical for a lot of greenhouse plans.

While wood materials may take a little more effort and involve just a little bit of maintenance the natural look and beauty of a wooden framed greenhouse really can’t be beat in my opinion. Yes the moisture can cause wood to rot over periods of time if not treated properly so keep an eye and do your proper maintenance. Probably the best type of wood to use on a do it yourself greenhouse project is some type of certified cedar.

The next material to consider are the types of panels you will be using to cover your frame with. Your main options for almost any good greenhouse plan are glass and plastic materials. Polycarbonate is one of the latest fads and best decisions for choosing greenhouse supplies. Polycarbonate may be the best option for a plastic covering because of its almost unbreakable durability, it provides lots of light but filters UV rays, and it is very inexpensive and lightweight!

5. Greenhouse Plans and DIY Kits - Don’t be hard-headed! Could you build a greenhouse without plans or a greenhouse blueprint? Possibly, but don’t take the chance or be a cheap skate when it comes to building a properly structured and effective place to grow your plants, flowers, trees, or other items!

If you want a professional looking and well-built greenhouse that is durable, long-lasting, simple, easy, and considerably quick to build then checkout and get your copy of the Greenhouse Building Plans

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